The Return

Yep yep, Mojo kept knocking on my door. When doodling often Mojo came along and I always knew that I – some day – would get back to these guys. And here I am. No regular schedule, no plan, just draw when I feel like it … for instance, this comic I sketched 1-2 years ago already … and decided… Continue reading The Return

In the moment

Happy 2017, y’all. I don’t really do the newyears resolution shizzle, but after the last comic I decided that I would publish more comics… and I think the schedule of about 2 weeks fits me fine, for now. This week I reinstalled my computer (not related to this comic btw) and I (of course) backed… Continue reading In the moment


The idea for this comic was floating in my head for years. Every time I was considering to get back to creating the comic, I somehow knew this would be the joke I would draw. And last Tuesday, while drawing with my daughter (2,5 years old) I suddenly had the base for the comic drawn.… Continue reading Hypothetical


A week ago the Steam Summer Sale ended and for those 2 weeks it was my daily destination. Multiple times a day I checked the store front, to see what the flash sales were, to vote on the community picks and to wonder if I should buy or skip the games with the huge discount.… Continue reading Promotion


Creating this comic took me a little longer than usual. I started working on it 2 weeks ago and my goal was to have it finished Monday last week. But since my daughter is born (29th of May), my evenings are a little unpredictable. And last week we had to go to the hospital again… Continue reading Choices