Easy Money

Posted on: July 8th, 2010

It's funny how the development of my drawing goes. First I started on paper, drawing with a brush. After a couple of comics, I went to draw digitally in Photoshop. And now - after almost 30 comics drawn digitally - I recently stept back to drawing on paper.

I ditched the brush, it was to hard and I had less fun drawing, was more working to get the lines straight. But now I draw using a brush-pen... really nice and I think the way it looks gets better as well.

It also gives me so much more enjoyment, the drawing on real paper with a real pencil and pen. I do have to get used to proportions and size of the comic. I have to draw a bit bigger than I'm used to. The benifit of drawing digitally was that it was so easy to just undo, move, rotate, copy, paste drawings... now it takes more planning, more setting things up and thinking before drawing. But maybe that's better than being able to draw instantly without the boundary of not being able to erase. Maybe the freedom of drawing digitally was too much for me.

But ok. I don't know where I'm heading with my drawing. Now I like drawing on paper, but maybe after 20 comics I want to go back to drawing digitally. I really wouldn't know. We'll see.

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