Gueststrip by Brad Snyder

Posted on: February 21st, 2011

Brad is one of the two Brads of the webcomic Flip & Barrel, a funny webcomic about two brothers and their adventures. I met the guys via Twitter and they are part of the close comic creators group I've been getting to know since the start of Mojo.
When I asked for guest strips a couple of months ago, both the Brads send me a gueststrip within days. The first I used after our wedding and now it's up to the other Brad.

Really love this comic, it's so exactly how Mojo and Merv would act. Talking about games, playing Black Ops and Merv being annoyed by Mojo. It's so spot on. Great one, Brad!


Since I (Skar) just became a fresh new dad (or my wife is now delivering the baby), I asked a few of my friends and fellow cartoonists if they could create some guest strips, so I could spend soms time with my new born baby. I am really impressed by all the time and effort that people put into creating the gueststrips. Thank you all so much for these gueststrips, so I can have a minor break and spend some time with my wife and kid. And I will find a way to return the favor in some way.

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