Gueststrip by Roland (again)

Posted on: March 17th, 2011

This is the second contribution Roland created. Again it's an amazing joke, again totally different than my usual comics, but also totally fits in my personal humor. So I'm still kinda jealous that I didn't came up with these kind of jokes. But I can still learn.

Again, an awesome job, Roland.


Since I (Skar) just became a fresh new dad, I asked a few of my friends and fellow cartoonists if they could create some guest strips, so I could spend soms time with my new born baby. I am really impressed by all the time and effort that people put into creating the gueststrips. Thank you all so much for these gueststrips, so I can have a minor break and spend some time with my wife and kid. And I will find a way to return the favor in some way.

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