In the moment

Posted on: January 9th, 2017

Happy 2017, y'all.

I don't really do the newyears resolution shizzle, but after the last comic I decided that I would publish more comics... and I think the schedule of about 2 weeks fits me fine, for now.

This week I reinstalled my computer (not related to this comic btw) and I (of course) backed up everything... or at least, I thought I had... you always forget something. And I forgot to backup my color palet in Manga Studio - so I had to pick the colors from older comics ^^

Btw, I really like the look of Ben - just how he turned out... less square-faced than 'before'.

Oh, I can't forget to give a huge shoutout to my editor, Brian Huisman. If it wasn't for him and the possibility to do some quick back-and-forths with him about the comic, it wouldn't be as awesome as it is now.

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