Morning Dip

Posted on: July 26th, 2010

This weekend I've learned that I should draw when possible, you'll never know what will get in your way.

Saturday I was damn busy. First with cleaning the house and after that I kicked some butt with playing Modern Warfare 2 with a friend of mine. Yesterday (Sunday) I planned on drawing all day. I even wanted to draw two comics, since I need some buffer for me going on a holiday. But just as I wanted to start drawing, my little brother called and asked if he could stop by. And so he did.

We went to the stores, ate a pancake and had fun. But Mojo didn't got drawn. So I started drawing early in the evening. And again, it's now past 1 am and I'm just finished.

About the comic: I really loved drawing this one, the little birds, playing with the camera-view in the 3rd panel and also enjoyed drawing some backgrounds in the first 2 panels. The joke also evolved, from a bird with a trompet, a bird-choir to this bird-band 🙂

And a reminder that I’m still accepting guest comics… if anyone ever wants to do one, I'd be helped so much!

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