Gueststrip by Paton

Paton Francis send me this guest strip completely as a surprise. He saw I was running guest strips on the site and wanted to contribute. Since he has a 1 year old son himself, he totally understood how valuable time is right now. Paton has a great blog where he creates awesome drawings and paper… Continue reading Gueststrip by Paton

Gueststrip by Dawn

For Dawn her wedding I created a gueststrip for her webcomic Zorphbert and Fred. And now she has created this gueststrip for me. It’s awesome. Didn’t know Mojo could be drawn like this and why do people keep asking where Mojo’s feet are?!! Really love how Mojo is reading the newspaper while doing his business…… Continue reading Gueststrip by Dawn

Gueststrip by Roland (again)

This is the second contribution Roland created. Again it’s an amazing joke, again totally different than my usual comics, but also totally fits in my personal humor. So I’m still kinda┬ájealous that I didn’t came up with these kind of jokes. But I can still learn. Again, an awesome job, Roland. — Since I (Skar)… Continue reading Gueststrip by Roland (again)

Gueststrip by Rolando

I ‘met’ Rolando on Twitter. He offered to do a gueststrip and send it to me pretty soon after I send out the distress call. The funny thing is… he’s more into writing than drawing, but – as you can see – his drawing skills are pretty good as well. And don’t forget to visit… Continue reading Gueststrip by Rolando

Gueststrip by Jared

Todays gueststrip is created by my fellow comic creator Jared Cullum. He has his own webcomic called Pea Green Coffee Cup and it’s (vaguely) based on his own life with his wife. It’s really funny and worth checking out. His submission came as a surprise, but an oh-so-welcome-surprise, because I think his gueststrip really shows… Continue reading Gueststrip by Jared