Guest strips

In case you just tuned in and missed my previous post, I’ll ask it again:

The end of August I’ll be gone (on a holiday) for two weeks and in the meantime it would be great to have some comics, just to maintain the regular schedule.
Of course I will prepare some comics myself, but if ANYONE is interested in doing a guest strip while I’m gone: I would LOVE to see other people’s take on the characters.

Anything goes, as long as you don’t kill off the guys… I really don’t care about your drawing skills, just draw, scribble or whatever way you want to create. Or you could even try using photography or cut paste from my older comics or whatever you want… You also don’t need to follow the storylines, those will just go on ‘hold’ for a couple of comics… we’ll continue the storyline when I’m back. You can just create whatever you want however you want. Isn’t that awesome?!!

So grab this opportunity!
Don’t be shy, just do it!
Just make a nice comic within the Mojo universe and I’ll be tremendously thankfull!

This is your chance to become one of the first people who created a guest strips for Mojo! And besides that, it’s freakingly fun to do!

Some minor details about the guest comic:

– width of the cartoon is 780 pixels
– height is flexible, so don’t feel bound by that
– don’t hold back, if you want to create multiple comics… that’s fine by me
– please send me your guestcomic(s) before the 16th of August, so I can schedule them before I’m on my holiday

If you are interested, please email me at: oskar [at] rakso [dot] nl or contact me on twitter: @skar

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