Work in progress

After having the same old boring design since I’ve started Mojo, I’m now working on a redesign. I also want to implement more features to the site, like: twitter intergration (so you guys can check out my latest tweets, facebook LIKE button, an cast/about page, a how-it’s-made-page and even more.

So stay tuned. I want to have the redesign finished as soon as possible, but I’m also pretty busy (if I’m not drawing Mojo) with prepairing our house for the baby and making preparations for the wedding 😀

3 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Yola,
    Why not, in your redesign, instead of the facebook like and dislike buttons, have a rating scale; terrible, bad, mediocre, funny, very funny? That way you get a little more feedback on the comics.


  2. Skar, I think you’re beyond such buttons as previously mentioned.

  3. @CJ, what do you mean, mate? I’m not really getting your point

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