Gueststrip for Dawn

Fellow webcomic creator Dawn got married a couple of weeks ago. As a wedding gift I’ve created a guest strip which had the theme ‘geeky groom’. Check it out here:

And for everyone wondering, the crowd is a mix of other webcomic characters:

On the left side:
First row: Ben, Mojo and Merv (Mojo)
Second row: Bull (Cock&Bull), Tucker (Pinkerton Park), Ollie (Ollie & Quentin)
Third row: Bug, Chicken (Salvage Chickens)

And on the right side:
First row (standing): Zorphbert and Fred
Second row: Death (Misery Loves Sherman), Landon (Spooky Doofus) and the stick figure from xkcd
Third row: Robot (Robot Beach) and Imy