Last Thursday (23rd of december) I got married. After that we had a mini-honeymoon, so last Monday there was a gueststrip created by Brad.

Our wedding was awesome. I’ll post some photos when we have some, but here you can see us as the happy couple:

The day couldn’t be any better. We started with just having lunch with our closests friends and family. After that we went to City Hall of Dordrecht and there we had our official ceremony. After that we were married and went to have our reception. The reception only took about 2 hours, so after that we went – with the small group of friends and family – to the restaurant where we had our diner and spend the rest of the evening having fun, telling stories and singing songs.

It was awesome! We are so happy with how the day went, we had the feeling everyone could just act like they normally would and the day really flew by.

The next day we went to a cottage and spend our honeymoon (and Christmas) there, in the snow and with squirrels in front of our window. It was lovely.

My wife (still have to get used to not saying ‘my girlfriend’) had to get back to her work, but I still have a couple of days off (until the 3rd of January). So for this week I had a lot planned. Doing some chores in the house (painting, organizing stuff and catching up with some other things). And I also wanted to do some work for Mojo: tweaking the site, creating some comics in advance (to have a buffer for when the baby is born) and also creating some ’empty comics’ so people (writers) could create gueststrips for me as well.

But it’s already Wednesday and I’m too busy with doing the things in the house, I haven’t even got the time to create todays Mojo. So tomorrows comic will be a little later than usual. But to keep you guys entertained, here is some fan-art Brad created.

Thanks Brad, this gives me some more time to work on tomorrows comic 🙂

3 thoughts on “Married

  1. CONGRATULATIONS you two!!!! Your wedding seemed like a wonderful, casual, sweet & fun time, I’m very happy for you guys. Tomorrow night I have scheduled a MOJO guest strip, cannot wait to draw that crazy cat.

    Calamities of Nature has a very fitting comic up. Because it posted today, ironically enough, I had to share it:

  2. Thanks Dawn! We really had an awesome wedding and in the end we couldn’t thank our guests enough. We had so much fun and the day was exactly like we had in mind. So we are a very happy couple 😀

    It would be awesome if you’d create a guest strip. Every guest strip is welcome and can’t wait to see your take on the characters 😛

    And I saw the Calamitites of Nature (with the marriage topic) and really made me laught out loud 😀

  3. Congrats! That’s really great.

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