Are you still there?

Yes, I’m still here. Pretty busy with our new born son Tobias, finding our rhythm and a balance between taking care for our son and other stuff (work, cleaning the house and my drawing).

On the Mojo side, I’m thinking hard about what direction to take. I’m working on the redesign for the site, finally want to make the site a little more professional and give it an own look-and-feel. In the new design there will also be some more pages. About the cast, the author, how a comic is made and more. Can’t wait to show it to you all… but thinking about delivering it in pieces, so I can add little by little… otherwise you guys will have to wait until it’s all 100% finished.

I’m also thinking about the storylines and what direction to take with the strip. For a while I had the feeling I had myself written in a corner, that I couldn’t make any other jokes than the ones I made. But I came to the conclusion that I can do almost everything in the Mojo universe. For starters, it’s my own comic, so I can do whatever I want. And besides that, I haven’t really restricted myself and how the Mojo world looks like. So expect to see some new things soon.

And third but not least, I’m also redefining the way I create the comics. I used to ink the comics with a 0.5 pen, but I recently started to ink with the Pentel Brush Pen and I’m loving it. It’s a little harder to work with… but it gives the drawing so much more energy and feeling. I also still want to play a little more with the comic. Maybe draw in a little different style… or do the coloring different. I just need to make it more fun and experiment a little more. That’s what I need. The benefit for you guys is that as long as I enjoy it and have fun… you will get new Mojo’s twice a week.

Talking about that… I still need to see if I can maintain the twice a week update schedule these first couple of months. But we’ll see. I’ll do my best and it just has to show.

And to show you guys how a drawing with the Pentel Brush Pen looks like… here’s a better look at my squirrel – the one I drew for the Squirrel Club: