Fan Art Friday by Tomps

I received some fan art a while ago and decided to introduce the Fan Art Friday here on Mojo as well.
Other comics do it too, so why not join their Fan Art Friday Fest and post one for myself as well?

This first piece of fan art is a piece my friend Tom created for me during a live drawing session. He drew this just after my son was born and everybody was helping me with guest strips and art.

Tom is one of my friends who I have met via Twitter. He’s from France, is an Animation student and quite good in what he does to be honest. Follow him in French or in English. And check his site for some more nice work:

I have a few pieces of guest art left, but feel free to contribute… so I have more to show you guys 😀

One thought on “Fan Art Friday by Tomps

  1. Oh, what you wrote about me is really nice, it means a lot to me ! Thanks for the linking, even if the portfolio is not ready yet 🙂
    I had forgotten about this sketch, it’s not really top quality but anyway, thnaks for showin it ! ^^.
    May the Mojo journey continue !

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