7 days in 7 ways

When I’m not drawing for Mojo, I often just sketch and doodle every day in my sketchbook. I should even draw more often than that… and that’s why I decided to participate in the 7 days in 7 ways project by @kallisti_x.

The project was the following: 7 creative people would draw each others characters so after 7 days you would have a collection of 7 x 7 characters. Each person supplied one of their own characters and draws the other characters in their own style.

This project really gave me some more freedom and I especially like how the Arthur one turned out. Drawn way more loose and eventually I drew it again with pen… instead of the brush. And just quick and sketchy. And I love it. Will try that some more for sure 😀

1) Mike – L33t by @Tusk1113

2) One of the ‘persons’ from TherapyTales by @TherapyTales
On of my great fans of Mojo. So it’s lovely I could do something in return.

3) Bill of Prepare To Die by @OnyxSparrow

4) Unnamed by @DaisiesAndShit

5) The News Guy from Slightly Off by @n9uxu


6) Arthur from Apple Valley by the host of this project, @kalisti_x

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  1. Great work my friend! Love the TT one 🙂

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