Fan Art Fri– Saturday by Bearman

This weeks fan art is created by Bearman of Bearman Cartoons. He offered me this fan art a long time ago to help me when I just became a father, but I decided to save it for a FFF 🙂

Bearman draws his comics based on the news or specific things in the news. Go check it out.
Especially because he now has something special called Bearman Charity Challenge 2011. What he does is spending his own money (this year that’s up to $1000!) on charity. The catch is that he’s asks you all to do something and in return he will donate money to Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank and the Red Cross to help in Japan. So go check his cartoons, his charity and write about it. That way you help him and also add more money to the donation.

2 thoughts on “Fan Art Fri– Saturday by Bearman

  1. Thanks. Another $10

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