Fan Art Friday by Denver Brubaker

A while ago I introduced Fan Art Friday here on But after a few weeks my well of fan art dried up. So last Wednesday I posted a tweet asking for some fan art and within a couple of hours I had this amazing fan art in my mailbox. Denver Brubaker – the creator of Tales of a Checkered Man – read my tweet and immediately dropped everything he was doing and created this for me. Awesome!

Tales of a Checkered Man is definitely worth checking out. The comic is about super heroes, caped crusaders and has a good old newspaper comic feeling to it. And the artwork is really awesome! I really love his style and his character designs are spot on. Also worth mentioning is his sketchbook where he shows some other work he did and some behind the scenes.
Thanks Denver for creating this piece of fan art.

Do you want to be features here on Fan art is much appreciated! So send it to me and get your 13 seconds of fame here! skar[AT]mojocomic[DOT]com

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