Grmbl… delayed again

I’m so sorry, but tomorrows comic will be delayed again. I will post it Friday, instead of Thursday.

I feel so bad, because the previous one also got delayed by one day. The reason is that my brother (and his girlfriend, now my sister-in-law) were getting married today. So last weekend we had their Bachelor(ette) parties (which was the cause of the previous comic to be delayed). And today they actually got married.

So yesterday we already head up to their place, so we would be on time. And today was really busy, but nice. And now my brother is married. I got a brand new sister-in-law (welcome to the family, Joyce) and I got one day delayed with Mojo. I hope you guys can forgive me and all come back Friday to check out the new comic.

Of course, I should have created a comic in advance and that was really the plan. But I got so stuck at work the last couple of weeks… I got almost no time to create a single comic, let alone working on a buffer. So now you know it.

But I promise you guys that Friday there will be a brand new shiny comic. And when all the busy times are a little behind us… I will start to work on a buffer (or maybe the redesign of the site… or …. so-f*cking-many-plans-in-my-mind-it-hurts!).