Happy new year and happy 2 years of Mojo!

I want to wish you guys all the best for 2012! Thank you for visiting the site as frequent as you do, thank you for your support and love for the comic. Your enthusiasm is what makes this job so much easier to do. And since it’s a new year, this means that Mojo is now 2 years online. 2 years ago I posted the first comic (still a classic) and kept going pretty strong. With a lot of stuff I usually lose my motivation after a couple of weeks/months… but creating comics is clearly something I love doing…

And for this year I have some really awesome plans. I’ve been playing around with Mojo the last 2 years. I’ve tested the water, I experimented here and there. And I will still keep on doing that. That’s just what I love doing and since Mojo is my own project… I can just add color, drop color, switch drawing styles, switch ballon styles, add/remove characters… I can do all that. But I also want to go forward with the comic. So this year I want to focus more on writing. I have already some nice ideas how to do that. I want to organize it more, also so I can go back to the 2 (maybe even 3) times updating schedule.

But this year will also be the year I will experiment more with the offline publishing of Mojo. I want to create a book. And before that I might even start creating some smaller books, just to try out some stuff. I will probably sell them for just barely nothing… or maybe even give them away for free.

I also want to introduce something awesome: the Monthly Sketch Giveaway. Every month (starting this month) I will give away a free sketch to someone (random picked) who commented that month on my comic. So you know what to do. Comment on my comics and maybe you will be the lucky winner of a free sketch (or maybe a sample of a tryout-book).

Also I finally want to try to update the site. I’ve been trying to find time to update it for the last year, but never really found the spirit to do so. The biggest issue is the design. I’m not really a webdesigner, so if you know anyone who might help me out… please feel free to contact me: skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com

4 thoughts on “Happy new year and happy 2 years of Mojo!

  1. I’ve been online with my comic for about 6 months. I hope I still have your enthusiasm for it at 2 years!

  2. Congratulations on 2 whole years online, skar!! What a great accomplishment, something to be proud of! Here’s to many, many more years of your wonderful work!

    1. Thank you, my friend. It were two exciting years and more to come. And glad you enjoy it and hope more people to enjoy it to come 🙂

  3. Yay, congrats on 2 years! So glad Mojo and friends have made it this far… even with an annoying “backseat” driver.

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