Monthly Sketch Giveaway February 2012

And another month has gone by, with more comments (55) and commenters (19) than the previous month. Before I will tell you … no wait… calculate with you who this months winner is, let’s state a few minor rules.

– previous winners do not apply for the price, but please keep commenting, maybe I will rewards top comments in another way later this year.
– I will include previous winners in the determination of the winner, but if the result is a previous winner the next person in line will be the winner
– if the calculation ends with 0, the last person of the list is the winner (thanks for Kaitou for pointing that out)

Ok. Without further ado let’s see who is this months winner.

The comments this month were from: kaitou, Pascal, kaitou, Mark Stokes, Saeed, Michael Hawkins, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, Tim Green, Bearman, JerryBenedict, Mark Stokes, Tim Green, qka, Bearman, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, Saeed, Frank, JerryBenedict, Chris K, Tim Green, CJ Daub, Mark Stokes, Mark Stokes, Mark Stokes, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, LuLong, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, Saeed, Binky, Binky, Mark Stokes, White, White, Saeed, Tim Green, Tim Green, Saeed, White, JerryBenedict, Mark Stokes, dfgdgh, Tim Green, qka, JerryBenedict, Saeed, Craggie, Mark Stokes, Carlo Ostrout, White, WG, Bearman

That’s a total of 55 comments. Thanks a lot for the effort, guys. Really love to hear from all of you!

The numbers I received from my Twitter followers were: 10, 88, 12, 57, 13 and 189. So let’s add those together and we’ll get: 369. Next step is calculating the remainder and that will determain the winner. 369 mod 55 = 39. So the 39th commenter will be the winner of this months Sketch Give Away. And the winner is…

Tim Green

Congratulations Tim. Another person who commented often (10 times this month), so it shows… comment often and increase your change of winning! And I’m really happy that Tim won, because besides that he comments often, he also finds the time to draw his own webcomic, Vinnie the Vampire. Go check it out, it’s worth it!

Well, for the rest of you guys. Thank you so much for commenting this month and just keep on dropping your comments, the more you drop them, the higher your chances get! And if you want to make sure you’ll get a sketch / drawing no matter what… you can always contact me for a commission or to buy a print or origional of a comic. Just contact me at skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com

2 thoughts on “Monthly Sketch Giveaway February 2012

  1. Never knew it could be this much fun to win something! I love Mojo and I’m proud to be a little part of it through commenting and sharing it with others 🙂

    1. I can’t thanks people like you enough for being part of the Mojo community by commenting and sharing it. And I’m glad you enjoy winning this months Sketch Giveaway. Will contact you for further details.

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