Winners of the Monthly Sketch Giveaway of March 2012

Because I was sick the last couple of days, I had no time / energy to do the calculations for the Monthyl Sketch Giveaway. But now I’m a little better, I – of course – have to do them. And I want to. Because that way I can make someone happy again with a sketch.

The last month there were 50 comments written by 24 commenters, so it was again a great month. Thank you all for commenting. Really appreciate it a lot if you guys drop your two cents and let me share your opinion with me and the rest of the readers. So let’s do our calculations again.

The comments this month were from: Bearman, JerryBenedict, George, tmcelmurry, Carlo Ostrout, Tim Green, Mark Stokes, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, Mark Stokes, White, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, Mark Stokes,, Binky, Tim Green, Tim Green, Tim Green, Andrei Esca, JerryBenedict, Mark Stokes, Mark Stokes, Tim Green, Mark Stokes, Chris K, tmcelmurry, Andrei Esca, White, White, JerryBenedict, Phoebe, Tim Green, Jordan, tmcelmurry, Jande, Andrei Esca, Jordan, MJ, Tim Green, JerryBenedict, Jande, Andrei Esca, Mark Stokes, Saeed, Saeed, tmcelmurry, Mark Stokes, Christen, kaitou, Tim Green and White

That’s a total of 50 comments. Thanks a lot for the effort, guys. Really love to hear from all of you!

The numbers I received from my Twitter followers were: 36, 14, 76 and 29. So let’s add those together and we’ll get: 153. Next step is calculating the remainder and that will determain the winner. 153 mod 50 = 3. So the 3rd commenter will be the winner of this months Sketch Give Away. And the winner is…

George Ford

Congratulations George. And because I’m in a happy mood, I asked my wife for another number between 0 and 50… she picked number 33… so the 33rd commenter ALSO wins a sketch! And that winner is mr (or ms) White. Congratulations to you too!

George and White, please send your address to skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com and let me know if you prefer any particular character.

And for the rest of you guys. Thank you so much for commenting this month and just keep on dropping your comments, the more you leave, the higher your chances can get! And if you want to make sure you’ll get a sketch / drawing no matter what… you can always contact me for a commission or to buy a print or original of a comic. Just contact me at skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com

4 thoughts on “Winners of the Monthly Sketch Giveaway of March 2012

  1. Foiled again by math!

  2. George Ford is a HACK I tell you…haha

  3. I’m terrible at mathematics, but I love to win! Thank you for this honor! And to the venerable Bearman: I am a hack/entertainer. There IS a difference! 🙂

    Thank you, Skar. I’ll get that info to you pronto.

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