Interviewed on Comics Coast to Coast

There are a few webcomic related podcasts out there I listen to regularly. Comics Coast to Coast is one of them. I really love listening to the guys over there talking and having fun. So I was really honored when I got an invitation to be a guest on their show.

Last Saturday we all sat together. Me in my bedroom, on the bed, with my laptop on my knees and the guys on the other side of the plane,  all in their own spots and we’d talked for more than one hour. We really had a great talk. Too bad a part was lost due too bad audio quality… but most of the interview has been put online.

Check out the podcast over here:

Thanks BrianJoelMatt and Denver for giving me the opportunity to talk about Mojo and my passions. And hope we can talk again some day soon – really had a blast!

One thought on “Interviewed on Comics Coast to Coast

  1. Just listened to this podcast while I was working on Monday’s comic and I gotta say, you did a good job amigo. Glad to see you getting some press and the guys at Comics C2C put on a greay show. Congrats man.

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