Winner of the Monthly Sketch Giveaway of May 2012

This month was quite a great month for Mojo. The traffic went through the roof and the comments were the most since the start of the Monthly Sketch Giveaway. It also feels like I somehow have found the right niche to make jokes about… and it feels like my art has found a solid ground. Ben has his new looks and I’m loving it. And also the drawing process really suits me.

So let’s talk business. This month we’ve had 63 comments, made by 22 commenters. So let’s now pick a winner for this months Sketch Giveaway. I only received one number (thanks Saeed), so I had to punch in some random numbers myself to the equation. The numbers used are 12, 23, 1214, 1279 and 17. Add them all together and you’ll get 2545. Next step is calculating the remainder and that will determain the winner. 2545 mod 63 = 25. So the 25th commenter will be the winner of this months Sketch Give Away. And the winner is…

Frank S.

Congratulations Frank. Please send me your address and let me know what character(s) you’d like to see in your sketch.

For all the other people, thank you for your comments. Really appreciate your effort and know that next month there will be another winner.

5 thoughts on “Winner of the Monthly Sketch Giveaway of May 2012

  1. Foiled by math again!

    1. Sorry mates, more luck next month!
      And remember, you can always get a print, original or let me do a commission for you πŸ™‚

  2. WHooooohoooo, thank you math πŸ˜€

    1. Congrats on winning the Monthly Sketch Giveaway, mate. Please let me know what character your prefer.

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