No comic today

I’m sorry guys. My back still hurts too much. It has improved and I can stand up straight and walk short distances. But after a while the muscles in my back are getting tired.
And sitting is the worst, after a few minutes my back starts to hurt and I can’t even stand up straight anymore.

Last comic (the current one) I worked hard and forced myself through the pain in my back. But now I don’t think that was very good to do. So sorry guys, no comic update today.

I really feel bad for not having a buffer. It feels like lack of professionalism and like failure. So when this is over I will start to work on a buffer.

But here is a short comic-ish update:

4 thoughts on “No comic today

  1. Don’t beat yourself up about the buffer. People get sick. Get well soon, sir. So you can play Xbox standing up?


    1. Thanks Rolfe, really appreciate your patience. I really couldn’t even play Xbox. I even could not stand up straight, layed in my bed / on the couch for days. Now it’s getting better. But still have to strengthen my back.

  2. No need to worry about it. Just relax and get better.
    This comic sketch is cool too :). Get well soon mate.

    1. Thanks mate. I do worry, since I hate missing an update ^^

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