Busy times ahead

It’s the last quarter of the year, so busy times ahead for us gamers. The following months there some huge games will be released (or are recently released). This is great, but this also has a downside. I have a limited time to play games. I have a family I want to spend time with, I also need to update Mojo twice a week and besides that I also want to do some sports. And I want to play games.

Because of this limited time, I need to decide what to play. I’ve been playing Call of Duty for years now and still loving it. It’s fast, it’s easy to pick up and since I play the multiplayer, it’s always a different experience. I tend to move more and more towards the single player experiences lately. I finished Max Payne 3 recently (and in hindsight I wished I’d spend my time better, really did not like it that much). I also finished the first episode of The Walking Dead. Still need to (and want to) play the other episodes.

Those are the big games I played recently. But I also played some more indie-games. Especially Faster Than Light and Hotline Miami. Two games, totally different, but both I can really recommend you guys to check out. And if you have to choose, pick Hotline Miami.I think that will appeal to a few more people than the slower gameplay of FTL.

Ok. But how about the upcoming releases? First of all there is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. A must buy for me and I’ve already pre-ordered it. So in two weeks (to the date, November 13th) I will be back on the multiplayer. I had the chance to play two matches (a total of 20 minutes) myself on a game convention (FirstLook) and the game really felt solid. But maybe I might have been a little bias, I’ve been looking forward to this game since a couple of months already.

And then there are the big releases like Assassins Creed 3, Dishonored and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Just to name a few games that are on my maybe-list. And I haven’t even considered Hitman yet. So much to play, so little time. And now I’m thinking. If I just wait a while, maybe I’m a little Black Ops 2 fatigue by then and maybe I will have some time to play some other games. But what game to pick?

I now tend towards Assassins Creed 3, that game looks awesome. But I know that I never finished the first Assassins Creed and the second one, I also never really played for a long time. Open world games (aka, games with too much freedom) are too free for me. I also never finished Red Dead Redemption, different game, but the same problem.

So that means I should check out Dishonored? But all the reviews compare Dishonored with games like Thief and BioShock. Two games I didn’t really liked. They were too slow or something. Maybe it was the setting that I didn’t like. I don’t know.

Ok. So next game is then probably Need for Speed: Most Wanted? I loved Burnout Paradise and the reviews are so good about NFS:MW. So I guess I will also enjoy NFS:MW. But when I think about it… I never play Burnout Paradise anymore. Even worst, I rarely ever play a racing game. It’s mostly shooters I enjoy playing. Sigh.

So how about Far Cry 3? That’s a shooter and that will be released also in the near future. Well… I played the game on FirstLook and I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s also open, free, no idea what to do next… so probably no game for me.

And after this Q4 releases, the first half of next year will also be filled with games. Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Company of Heroes 2 – to name just a few. So my problems aren’t over… they are getting bigger and bigger.

So… what games are you looking forward to and will go and play the next couple of months?

3 thoughts on “Busy times ahead

  1. It’s amazing how high your standards should be to just get the games you have time for. Realistically I could stick to just the GTA series (I estimate I played that a couple of thousand hours…) and I think I’ll have to skip Assassins Creed 3 and Bioshock Infinite because I won’t be finished with Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta en Saints Row 2 before the end of spring. And I never got around to Red Dead Redemption in the first place. Maybe I’ll pick up Catherine if GTA V doesn’t drop too early in spring, but the problem is not only that our time is limited, it’s that once you get one of the good games you have time for it probably sucks up more time than you wanted because it’s so good…

    1. My flaw is that I’m getting enthusiastic for games way too easily. I start to play a game and within a couple of days, the new wears off and I’m enthusiastic for another game. But I’m starting to learn that I can only have a fixed amount of time to spend, so I need to choose – that’s also better for my wallet ^^

  2. They need to make Assassins creed for the Wii

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