The start

I decided that I would use my short break to start working on the first collection of Mojo comics. I have lots of ideas what to put in the book, but would love to hear from you guys as well. I want to include sketches of some comics, add personal stories and notes and also would love to elaborate more on the whole creation process.

Especially since it will be a collection from the first year of Mojo – I can tell a lot about the different techniques I tried and used. My plan is to add approx the first 100 comics, just to test the water. Also I want to have some space left for adding the sketches or alternative ideas (ideas which eventually evolved into another comic often).

On this blog I will keep you guys informed about how it goes. My first stop now is work through the first comics and prepare them for printing. Especially the first few comics I drew too small, so I can’t print them in the state they are now… so I’ll have some editing to do.

One thought on “The start

  1. Timothy Curtiss

    Hey, I like your cartoons. I was wondering if I could use “I will follow you” as a sermon illustration?

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