This is the first comic I drew (partly) on my new iPad.

I've going back and forth between traditional drawing and digital, but always came back to the digital part - mostly due to the freedom / the undo possibilities / the fixing up / moving things around etc.

And I started Mojo 14 years ago, but I was still using the same Wacom tablet I was using back then... it still works very well, but always felt a bit disconnected when drawing ... 

Recently I started to put more effort into my endeavours to become a full-fledged illustrator - digitally. So to do that, I decided to (finally) get me an iPad and a pencil ... and that just changed everything. Drawing feels awesome again, the directness of drawing on the screen ... really mind-blowing great.

So with this comic, I had already inked everything, but felt some lines weren't to my liking. So I exported the file from Clip Studio Paint and moved it over to my iPad, to Adobe Fresco. And there I continued, corrected some lines, moved some parts around, drew the border-lines, wrote the text and colored it.

So in the end, I think that I only used my iPad for 25% of this comic... and it was still a bit struggling. Especially since I had some nice layer and groups setup in Clip Studio Paint ... and those were (kinda) resolved in Fresco. 

Guess that I will have to create a new comic from scratch soon, to find a better workflow there.

Happy new year and happy 2 years of Mojo!

I want to wish you guys all the best for 2012! Thank you for visiting the site as frequent as you do, thank you for your support and love for the comic. Your enthusiasm is what makes this job so much easier to do. And since it’s a new year, this means that Mojo is now 2 years online. 2 years ago I posted the first comic (still a classic) and kept going pretty strong. With a lot of stuff I usually lose my motivation after a couple of weeks/months… but creating comics is clearly something I love doing… And for this year I have some really awesome plans. I’ve been playing around with Mojo the last 2 years. I’ve tested the water, I experimented here and there. And I will still keep on doing that. That’s just what I love doing and since Mojo is my own project… I can just add color, drop color, switch drawing styles, switch ballon styles, add/remove characters… I can do all that. But I also want to go forward with the comic. So this year I want to focus more on writing. I have already some nice ideas how to do that. I want to organize it more, also so I can go back to the 2 (maybe even 3) times updating schedule. But this year will also be the year I will experiment more with the offline publishing of Mojo. I want to create a book. And before that I might even start creating some smaller books, just to try out some stuff. I will probably sell them for just barely nothing… or maybe even give them away for free. I also want to introduce something awesome: the Monthly Sketch Giveaway. Every month (starting this month) I will give away a free sketch to someone (random picked) who commented that month on my comic. So you know what to do. Comment on my comics and maybe you will be the lucky winner of a free sketch (or maybe a sample of a tryout-book). Also I finally want to try to update the site. I’ve been trying to find time to update it for the last year, but never really found the spirit to do so. The biggest issue is the design. I’m not really a webdesigner, so if you know anyone who might help me out… please feel free to contact me: skar[at]mojocomic[dot]com


Last Saturday I got interviewed by Kurt Sasso of TGT Media. We talked for more than one hour about my passion for webcomics, creating Mojo, how it is to start a webcomic, how amazingly supportive my wife is and so much more. It was amazingly fun to do, Kurt had to stop me at a few points because I drifted off… but the result is a 1 hour podcast about me 🙂 Check it out and I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Sad news

Hi guys. I’m sorry to have to bring you this sad news. But until further notice, I will have to lower the update frequency of the comic to once a week. I just need to take a step back. I’m really sad I have to take this decision, but the last couple of months I noticed I got more and more swamped with work, at home, the comic and all the other things I wanted to do. At first I figured it had to do with other things, like being busy with the preparations for my brothers bachelors party and his wedding (last Wednesday)… but after visiting the doctor this morning I came to the conclusion it was everything combined. The last months I’m very busy at my day job, feeling responsible to spend enough time with my wife and my son, but I also want to keep my update schedule for Mojo, I want to play games, do some sports and so much more. My head just explodes with the pressure of everything I want and need to do. So after some thinking I decided to take a step back with my comic. I’m really sad, because I am so proud that I could keep the update schedule going for the last 1,5 year. I was (almost) never late and never skipped an update. So it’s hard for me, but I know it’s the best for now. When I got life back on track again, I will try to get back to updating twice a week. But for now I will update the comic every Monday. Of course, if you would want a comic on Thursday… feel free to supply me with a guest strip 🙂

Grmbl… delayed again

I’m so sorry, but tomorrows comic will be delayed again. I will post it Friday, instead of Thursday. I feel so bad, because the previous one also got delayed by one day. The reason is that my brother (and his girlfriend, now my sister-in-law) were getting married today. So last weekend we had their Bachelor(ette) parties (which was the cause of the previous comic to be delayed). And today they actually got married. So yesterday we already head up to their place, so we would be on time. And today was really busy, but nice. And now my brother is married. I got a brand new sister-in-law (welcome to the family, Joyce) and I got one day delayed with Mojo. I hope you guys can forgive me and all come back Friday to check out the new comic. Of course, I should have created a comic in advance and that was really the plan. But I got so stuck at work the last couple of weeks… I got almost no time to create a single comic, let alone working on a buffer. So now you know it. But I promise you guys that Friday there will be a brand new shiny comic. And when all the busy times are a little behind us… I will start to work on a buffer (or maybe the redesign of the site… or …. so-f*cking-many-plans-in-my-mind-it-hurts!).


Todays comic will be a little late. I’m having a major headache. For weeks already, but now it’s so bad I couldn’t even draw a comic. Hope it will be a little better later today. Will keep you posted, guys.