This is the first comic I drew (partly) on my new iPad.

I've going back and forth between traditional drawing and digital, but always came back to the digital part - mostly due to the freedom / the undo possibilities / the fixing up / moving things around etc.

And I started Mojo 14 years ago, but I was still using the same Wacom tablet I was using back then... it still works very well, but always felt a bit disconnected when drawing ... 

Recently I started to put more effort into my endeavours to become a full-fledged illustrator - digitally. So to do that, I decided to (finally) get me an iPad and a pencil ... and that just changed everything. Drawing feels awesome again, the directness of drawing on the screen ... really mind-blowing great.

So with this comic, I had already inked everything, but felt some lines weren't to my liking. So I exported the file from Clip Studio Paint and moved it over to my iPad, to Adobe Fresco. And there I continued, corrected some lines, moved some parts around, drew the border-lines, wrote the text and colored it.

So in the end, I think that I only used my iPad for 25% of this comic... and it was still a bit struggling. Especially since I had some nice layer and groups setup in Clip Studio Paint ... and those were (kinda) resolved in Fresco. 

Guess that I will have to create a new comic from scratch soon, to find a better workflow there.

The DigiCon | 10th and 11th of September

A while ago my friend Ryan Fisher (@Gin_And_Comics) decided to create an online convention for webcomic creators and their fans. The DigiCon brings you your favorite webcomic creators, comic writers and artists live drawing, doing fan sketches and more throughout the weekend. Get a free sketch, chat with your favorite creators, buy original art, prints, shirts and more! And the beauty is… the DigiCon isn’t just once a year, they’ll be throwing “Cons” every few months. And after the first successful convention there will be another one next week. The 10th and 11th of September you can visit the site, chat with a lot webcomic artists, with other webcomic fans and you can do almost all the stuff you can do on an offline traditional con. In case you are confused about where is the DigiCon different from the Non Con… it’s not… only the name had to be changed. Apperantly ‘non con’ has some bad street talk meaning 🙁 So from now on… The DigiCon is the place to be! ( I’m sad to inform you that I can’t join, because I will be still on vacation, but the next con I will join for sure! )

Another life f*cked

A while ago I made an illustration for the website FMyLife.com. And I recently got asked to do another one. After making it, I also drew the whole interview. The funny thing is that the interview was between Mojo and the dog of the interviewer. So you can now view two of my illustrations for the price of one. Click here or on the image below to view them:

Fan Art Friday by Jared Jaworski

Todays fan art is by one of my Twitter friends, Jared Jaworski. He casually asked yesterday if I would want some fan art… and before I knew it, this piece of art dropped in my mailbox. Jared himself also has a webcomic the HMP and you can also follow him on his twitter: @MitPlan. Thanks Jared for your fan art. I really appreciate it! And for everybody else… you want to be featured next week? Drop me some fan art here: skar[AT]mojocomic[DOT]com 😛  

Fan Art Friday by Denver Brubaker

A while ago I introduced Fan Art Friday here on mojocomic.com. But after a few weeks my well of fan art dried up. So last Wednesday I posted a tweet asking for some fan art and within a couple of hours I had this amazing fan art in my mailbox. Denver Brubaker – the creator of Tales of a Checkered Man – read my tweet and immediately dropped everything he was doing and created this for me. Awesome! Tales of a Checkered Man is definitely worth checking out. The comic is about super heroes, caped crusaders and has a good old newspaper comic feeling to it. And the artwork is really awesome! I really love his style and his character designs are spot on. Also worth mentioning is his sketchbook where he shows some other work he did and some behind the scenes. Thanks Denver for creating this piece of fan art. Do you want to be features here on mojocomic.com? Fan art is much appreciated! So send it to me and get your 13 seconds of fame here! skar[AT]mojocomic[DOT]com

7 days in 7 ways

When I’m not drawing for Mojo, I often just sketch and doodle every day in my sketchbook. I should even draw more often than that… and that’s why I decided to participate in the 7 days in 7 ways project by @kallisti_x. The project was the following: 7 creative people would draw each others characters so after 7 days you would have a collection of 7 x 7 characters. Each person supplied one of their own characters and draws the other characters in their own style. This project really gave me some more freedom and I especially like how the Arthur one turned out. Drawn way more loose and eventually I drew it again with pen… instead of the brush. And just quick and sketchy. And I love it. Will try that some more for sure 😀 1) Mike – L33t by @Tusk1113 2) One of the ‘persons’ from TherapyTales by @TherapyTales On of my great fans of Mojo. So it’s lovely I could do something in return. 3) Bill of Prepare To Die by @OnyxSparrow 4) Unnamed by @DaisiesAndShit 5) The News Guy from Slightly Off by @n9uxu   6) Arthur from Apple Valley by the host of this project, @kalisti_x