The Return

Yep yep, Mojo kept knocking on my door. When doodling often Mojo came along and I always knew that I - some day - would get back to these guys. And here I am. No regular schedule, no plan, just draw when I feel like it ... for instance, this comic I sketched 1-2 years ago already ... and decided to actually make a comic 2 weeks ago. So the last 2 weeks I sketched, drew, added color, tweaked the text and more. Hope you enjoy and let's hope my future-self can create a new comic soon ^^

Change in update schedule

This was the first week I’ve done a bi-weekly update and I like it. It gives a little more flow and passing to the comic. I can experiment a little more and also provide you guys with more ‘shots of Mojo’ 😉 But from now on I’ve changed the days I’ll update. Since usually I’m still finishing the comic on Sunday or Wednesday… I’ve changed the official update schedule to Monday and Thursday. That way I can make sure that on the morning of Monday and Thursday, there will be a new comic strip.