First steps

The last days I actually made a start with the book – working title ‘The Mojo Collection’.

The first thing I needed to decide was what (comics) to include in this collection. My first impulse was to make it a 1-on-1 transition from the webcomic to the book.
So I started to collect the comics I made in the first 2 years (2010 and 2011), but I felt that some of the older comics where not really that funny at all. And I felt kinda sad that I couldn’t include the later comics, the ones which I really enjoyed creating and I am very proud of.

So eventually I decided it is my book, so I can do with it whatever I want. So… the book will be a selection of the 300 comics. Now I only have to choose which comic to include and which ones to leave out ^^

The biggest challenge will be keeping an eye on the page count. It can’t be too high, I don’t think it’s wise to have a book with more than 200 pages – so I will need to make some harsh choices.

I also want the book to contain more than just only the comics. I want to add some more background information, some artists notes (how I came up with a joke, how I made the comic, what’s special about a specific comic etc). And also show some sketches or concepts.

I want to add more than you can find on the website. But also make it a beautiful collection. Something I can be proud of.

The book will be in full-colour, since I keep on switching between black-and-white, grey tones and colours – so I have no choice about that ^^

The size of the book will be approximately 9″ by 9″ – really love that size for a cartoon book. Fits perfectly on a book shelve and is ideal for square and strokes of comics.

So, what’s next?
Well… the next step will be to continue picking what to include and what to leave out, making contact with the printer and eventually starting to lay out the book itself.

Lots of work ahead, but looking forward to it. So probably there won’t be a new Mojo comic until the end of June, but I will keep you guys posted about the progress I’m making with the book.

The start

I decided that I would use my short break to start working on the first collection of Mojo comics. I have lots of ideas what to put in the book, but would love to hear from you guys as well. I want to include sketches of some comics, add personal stories and notes and also would love to elaborate more on the whole creation process.

Especially since it will be a collection from the first year of Mojo – I can tell a lot about the different techniques I tried and used. My plan is to add approx the first 100 comics, just to test the water. Also I want to have some space left for adding the sketches or alternative ideas (ideas which eventually evolved into another comic often).

On this blog I will keep you guys informed about how it goes. My first stop now is work through the first comics and prepare them for printing. Especially the first few comics I drew too small, so I can’t print them in the state they are now… so I’ll have some editing to do.