Fan Art Friday by Jared Jaworski

Todays fan art is by one of my Twitter friends, Jared Jaworski. He casually asked yesterday if I would want some fan art… and before I knew it, this piece of art dropped in my mailbox.

Jared himself also has a webcomic the HMP and you can also follow him on his twitter: @MitPlan.

Thanks Jared for your fan art. I really appreciate it! And for everybody else… you want to be featured next week? Drop me some fan art here: skar[AT]mojocomic[DOT]com 😛


Fan Art Friday by Denver Brubaker

A while ago I introduced Fan Art Friday here on But after a few weeks my well of fan art dried up. So last Wednesday I posted a tweet asking for some fan art and within a couple of hours I had this amazing fan art in my mailbox. Denver Brubaker – the creator of Tales of a Checkered Man – read my tweet and immediately dropped everything he was doing and created this for me. Awesome!

Tales of a Checkered Man is definitely worth checking out. The comic is about super heroes, caped crusaders and has a good old newspaper comic feeling to it. And the artwork is really awesome! I really love his style and his character designs are spot on. Also worth mentioning is his sketchbook where he shows some other work he did and some behind the scenes.
Thanks Denver for creating this piece of fan art.

Do you want to be features here on Fan art is much appreciated! So send it to me and get your 13 seconds of fame here! skar[AT]mojocomic[DOT]com

Fan Art Friday by Craggie

This is some different style of fan art but it’s so amazing, it definitely deserves a spot on the site. My best friend Craggie made this for our son Tobias after he was born. He worked on it for months. First he made a template from paper-mache and used that for the fabric. It’s truly awesome!

You too can be featured here. Create some fan art and I will place you in spotlights here. Completely free! So what are you waiting for? Let’s create some beauty!

Fan Art Fri– Saturday by Bearman

This weeks fan art is created by Bearman of Bearman Cartoons. He offered me this fan art a long time ago to help me when I just became a father, but I decided to save it for a FFF 🙂

Bearman draws his comics based on the news or specific things in the news. Go check it out.
Especially because he now has something special called Bearman Charity Challenge 2011. What he does is spending his own money (this year that’s up to $1000!) on charity. The catch is that he’s asks you all to do something and in return he will donate money to Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank and the Red Cross to help in Japan. So go check his cartoons, his charity and write about it. That way you help him and also add more money to the donation.

Fan Art Friday by Tomps

I received some fan art a while ago and decided to introduce the Fan Art Friday here on Mojo as well.
Other comics do it too, so why not join their Fan Art Friday Fest and post one for myself as well?

This first piece of fan art is a piece my friend Tom created for me during a live drawing session. He drew this just after my son was born and everybody was helping me with guest strips and art.

Tom is one of my friends who I have met via Twitter. He’s from France, is an Animation student and quite good in what he does to be honest. Follow him in French or in English. And check his site for some more nice work:

I have a few pieces of guest art left, but feel free to contribute… so I have more to show you guys 😀