6 thoughts on “Acquaintance

  1. I would probably do the same thing!

    1. Then you can shake Ben’s hand… because Mojo doesn’t agree with the questions asked ^^

  2. Well he did say “anything”.

    Your favorite vowel is an awesome question. I would have to say “Y” cause it is only used sometimes, so you know it needs as much love as it can get. I got your back “Y”….I got your back.

    1. First I had just the regular teenage girl friends book questions… but while lettering, I suddenly thought of the ‘what is your favorite vowel’ question… and a grin just popped up on my face… so I had to put that one in.
      Glad you enjoy it ^^

  3. White or whole wheat? Who do you like better….the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Favorite movies?…

    1. I prever whole wheat. And guess I like the Beatles better. And favorite movies… uhm… to name a few: The Matrix (duh), Gladiator, Inception, Sherlock Holmes (1 and 2), Memento … and so many more. Damn. I can’t choose 😛

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