This comic marks a very special moment for me. This comic is the first one which is drawn 100% traditionally. Only the coloring is done digitally. I drew the characters (as always), the borders, the dialogs and the balloons all on paper. And it feels great. It was even better, since usually I draw the characters separately on a big sheet of paper. This was the first time that I had to draw them within the borders - since I wanted to draw the borders on the paper as well. Also, the title of this comic reminds me of the movie from 1990 with the same name. I saw the movie once when I was a little boy, I think I might have been 10-11... but never dared to watch it ever again. Still want to learn more about spiders, but not really dare to start... and maybe don't exactly know where to start. They fascinate me, but also scare me.

2 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. Man, that is a real test. I don’t know if I could keep going. Mojo has it goin’ on. 🙂

  2. I always see myself as a hardcore gamer, but if I see only 1 spider, I’m out 😀

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