Attention span

Tomb Raider is really just great. Love playing it, love exploring the island and love finding stuff. But when you really think about it, it's pretty weird how you (Lara) are in the biggest hurry to rescue your friends and to  survive. And at the same time, you just take your time to explore, take a detour into a cave, smash crates. set statues on fire and do lots of other things. Don't get me wrong, doing those things makes the game so much more fun to do. But it's just a weird mixture. The cutscenes tell you you need to hurry and give you a feeling of pressure. And the moment the cutscenes are finished, you can lay back and do whatever you want... as long as you end up at the next story point. It's just something every game has to deal with... but it's with great games like Tomb Raider you start to notice it... because there isn't much else to be bothered by. Everything is so awesome. The gameplay, the looks, the combat, even the story makes you want to see how it evolves. So guys, if you want to play some great action adventure game, get your hands on a copy of Tomb Raider.

One thought on “Attention span

  1. I’m currently playing Tomb Raider right now, and absolutely LOVE it. But I agree there is this slight disconnected when you go on a side mission, or go hunting for those damn gps caches. It does make it more intense to keep on going with the story mode as quickly as you can to really feel like you are Lara, but at the same time it’s a video game and it’s supposed to be a diversion from reality.

    It might be easier to think of those caves as moments when time seems to slow down due to the increased mass (of treasure) pulling on space/time, thus slowing it down.

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