Back To Civilization

Since a while I always wanted to experiment some more. I felt that my comic needed to become a little more loose and a little more sketchy. So this time I decided to just do it. I drew this one on non-Bristol paper and with the rollerball pen I use (almost) daily to do my drawings and doodles in my sketchbook. Also... I've started to share some of my drawings on my Tumblr:

3 thoughts on “Back To Civilization

  1. I always appreciate a cartoonist that can capture the visual message in a loose, less complicated style. It looks easier, but takes quite a bit of skill to loosen up. Looks good!

  2. I guess it takes something of the ultimate magnitude to bring Ames out of hibernation! Nice look with the pen, skar! Thanks for sharing the sketches, too, really fun!

  3. Good job with the sketching. But Warren Frantz is right, it takes skill to loosen up, something I am currently working on myself. Cheers!

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