The background for this one is the result of an accident. I just needed some cardboard as a reference for the signs the homeless guy and Mojo are holding. But after pasting the reference material into Photoshop, it turned out it was very big... and it looked pretty awesome. So I decided I would keep it instead of giving the wall and the street colors :)

18 thoughts on “Begging

  1. Love it.

    1. Thanks mate. And I’m glad, since it took me a couple of hours and eventually I decided this was the one 🙂

  2. HA! I think Ive been holding that sign for the last few days… actually Ive been told the invite is sent… dont know what else to do other than stand by.

    great comic. went a few back, all very clever. adding this to my list to stay on top of. Good work, CHEERS

    1. Always nice to see new people who enjoy the comic. Glad to have you on board, welcome!

  3. Do you need a Google+ invite? I could hook you up if you do.

    1. No worries, mate. I’ve got a G+ account already… but thanks for the offer 🙂

  4. I agree…the cardboard texture works perfectly! =o)

    1. Thanks mate. I also am very pleased how it turned out.

  5. Very inventive, Skar. Nice work!

    1. Thanks mate – glad to see people dig the accident 😀

  6. love it. Found you on inkoutbreak great comic

    1. Thanks mate. And thank you for sharing how you found me… that’s always useful information!

  7. Great joke! Really cool comic. Heard about your comic on Comics Coast to Coast (Pick of the week).

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. It was really awesome that Mojo got the pick of the week at C2C. And glad you like it, Frank.

  8. This is a beautiful-looking piece, skar!

    1. Thanks mate. I also like how it turned out 🙂

  9. I signed up for G+ didn’t like it & deleted. I should have passed my invite to Mojo

  10. I remember when Gmail 1st started up & it was an invire only thing. I so badly wanted Gmail but knew no one who had it to send me an invite. I was about this desperate too

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