I've drawn this in another way than the previous one (again). Now I did it way slower and with a 0.3 pen, instead of the 0.5 pen I usually draw with. Liked that I could add more detail and work more focussed. The coloring I will probably fix during my lunch break, since I had some issues with the scanner - so I had not enough time to colorize the whole comic.

4 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Love the birds eye view in panel one!

  2. It looks great. Now they get to see what a real Dungeon Master will put them thru. 🙂

  3. I also love the bird’s eye view in the first panel. I had to point that out. Really clever and different.

  4. Skar, don’t limit yourself to drawing with one pen, alot of artist draw with 3-4 pens in hand switching back and forth as needed.

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