8 thoughts on “Confused

  1. I don’t even want to know!

    1. Hehehe… I know. Some things are not even worth trying 😛

  2. I admit I have done that with my lip

    1. Uhm… don’t think I have even tried it with my lip. Only my hand/fingers… but that’s it ^^

  3. This is probably why pets had vacuum cleaners…

    1. Guess so. I always assumed they hated the vacuum because of the noise it makes… never thought about their eyeballs being sucked in 😛

  4. I chase my kid with a vacuum cleaner. 🙂

    1. Hahaha. My 1,5-year-old son loves the vacuum cleaner. Whenever I take it out of the closet, he runs towards it. First he started to just play with the vacuum cleaner itself… loved the air blowing in his face. And recently he starts to love using the vacuum cleaner… moving the muzzle back and forth. Really addorable to see 🙂

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