And another run for the 'duo-tone coloring'. The previous comic I didn't like how it turned out. But this one feels better. I still haven't found 'my way'... and try to get inspiration everywhere. This coloring scheme is based on a drawing I saw this afternoon, which inspired me a lot. Really would love to hear from you guys what you think of this one. Which one do you prefer? Or do you prefer the full color version? Asking you these questions reminds me of something. I still have to place the survey online, which I will try to do really soon. I'm really curious what you guys think of some Mojo (site) related stuff. So come back soon and help me get some more insight into my readers.

5 thoughts on “Confused

  1. Generally, I prefer the full color but I think experimentation is great. So, yeah, keep going down this route. As for which of the last two I prefer, I think I liked this one best.

    Great work! Happy to have you back on Mojo. Hope all is well with your new family!

  2. Hey Skar, site looks great. I like duo color. This one has turned out the best. I think it’s because of the muted color. There is a pretty well known comic artist who lives in my area and he created a duo tone comic for 24 hour comic day. Check out this website to see how he did his and maybe it will help you figure out your duo style:

  3. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who found themselves eating apples after that last subliminal message. 🙂

    I really like the tones you used in today’s, my only recommendation would be to make the backgrounds a little softer than the characters, that way they come to the fore front a bit more, but over all it looks great. The duo-tone works wonderfully in the last panel where you add in a hint of color with the apple.

    I’m like the others, I really like your full color work, but it’s very cool to see you experiment on the color tones.

  4. I want an apple.

    I like this color technique better than the last update… but I agree with Todd- you need the characters to pop more.

  5. Wow guys. Thanks for your awesome replies.

    @Rolando: I’m also still not sure what to do. I do like the full-color ones, but the duo-tones also give me pleasure. So expect some more experiments for sure 🙂

    And I’m also glad to be back. Really missed my crew… and the creating of the comics.

    And my son (and wife) is doing perfect. Thanks for asking.

    @CJ: I’m glad you like the site. I’m also happy with how it turned out. Still want to do lots of work with it, but time is scarce.

    And I checked your link and the usage of the colors is really awesome! Thanks for sharing it with me.

    @Todd: I agree that the background could have been ‘softer’. Maybe next time… if that won’t be a full-color one again 😉

    @Dawn: Will try to make the characters pop out more, next time. I based this color-scheme on a drawing I saw. But now I think of it, that drawing was just a scenery drawing – with no characters or other things to focus on. It worked at that drawing, but probably not the best sollution for my comic.

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