12 thoughts on “Destination

  1. Oh, Ben, you should know better!

    1. I know… he’s always the victim 😛

  2. Talk about putting a pin on the map. 😀

    1. You do it right or you don’t 🙂

  3. Those are rubber tips right??

    1. You’d think that, wouldn’t you. But nope… hard metal darts. Rubber tips wouldn’t stick, now would they? 😛

  4. I doubt the iPad warranty would cover that…

    1. Not sure. Don’t know if they have anything about darts in the display in their warranty 😛

  5. Use it while you can boys, cause once iOS6 comes out Google Maps is a gonner, and no telling where you will end up.

    1. Well… they could always not upgrade or use any other tablet. Or maybe the Apple Maps (or what they will call it) will be even better than GM 😛
      Time will tell 😉

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