And there they are again... the fish - annoying little bastards :P I love to let them be annoying... it's fun to hear the little squeeky voices in my head... and we also see a little of Ben at work. What kind of work would he do? Will we ever know? Time will tell. And did we know Mojo was this evil? OMG... but yeah, the fish are very annoying ;) I had a lot of fun drawing this comic. Especially because I used an other sketching method, which turned out quite nice - especially for Ben's body I think. Also like Mojo's facial expression in the second frame... Hope you guys like it as much as I do. Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Diner

  1. Nasty! En mooi hoe je emoties in de gezichten weergeeft in 2e en 3e pic. 1e plaatje zou hij misschien zwetend tussen stapels papoer moeten zitten? (Je vroeg ooit om feedback en ik vind t leuk om te volgen)

  2. So it became sushi… 😉

  3. good comic, I love the fishes, they’re a pain that had to be dealt with!
    hahaha a wired wireless phone – awesome 🙂

    1. @Michiel: the wire of the phone was supposed to be cut off by the frame. But that didn’t and I kinda forgot to fix that. I mean… don’t you know that? It’s new and the next thing… wired wireless phones… retro and also future proof 🙂

      @Bob: thanks. I always try to work hard on the facial expressions. It’s really nice when they work and really show the emotion behind the face 🙂

      @Brian: and even consider I don’t like sushi 😀

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