9 thoughts on “Directions

  1. Recalculating!

    1. Well, Ben should for sure 😉

  2. To be fair, it came down to him or the GPS… one of them had to go!

    1. Especially if it has the voice of Darth Vader. You don’t argue with that.

      1. Mmm. Still have to find me one of those. That’s awesome 🙂
        “There is no right turn.”

    2. Well, Mojo had no choice. Don’t think the GPS could actually walk to the comic book store, now could he 😉

  3. GPS’s are for sissies! A real man’s gonna find his way, no matter how lost he is, and no one’s gonna tell him any different!

    1. I never use a GPS myself. Always just plan my route on Google Maps and write down some key directions. GPS makes you weak and lose your sense of direction!

      1. I completely agree. You can never fully learn your way around a new city with GPS. I had a friend that came over to my place in Los Angeles at least a dozen times, yet he could never find it without GPS. And he lived in Los Angeles his entire life. Rather sad, actually.

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