Double Oh

This comic is inspired by the books my wife is reading lately. She wanted to read the Twilight Series for a while now and recently she borrowed the whole series for a friend. So she's now  swooning all the day while reading the stories of Edward and Bella. We both haven't watched any of the movies and I haven't read the books. And judging by what my wife tells me about the books, I don't think they are suited for me ^^ And you might (or not) noticed something different. The thing what might is the most noticeable, is the coloring. I played a little with it again. Not sure if I like the end result or not. But the other thing is that I drew this complete comic digitally. I didn't touch any pen and paper for this one. I loved the sketching phase, also enjoyed inking, but while inking I missed the feeling of my pens on paper. So maybe I will go do digital sketches, print them and do the inking traditionally. Not sure, that sounds like a lot of hassle to be honest ^^ So maybe I'll try another method the next time, we'll see ^^

4 thoughts on “Double Oh

  1. My family went yesterday to watch the latest Twilight movie. I pride myself on having avoided all of them so far. 🙂

    1. I also never watched a Twilight movie. And I’m not sure that I ever will ^^

  2. You have a steady digital hand my friend.

    1. Thank you. I drew it using my Wacom tablet, so that made it a little easier. And at first I had to get used to it again… but I kinda found a way that worked.

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