I'm so sorry that todays comic got delayed. In the 1,5 years this comic is running now, I might have 1-2 times before where the comic was a couple of hours delayed... but today it was much longer. The reason is a combination of a very busy weekend. My brother is about to get married Wednesday... so we had his bachelors party Saturday. And Sunday his fiance had hers. So I had almost no time to draw. And the rest of the week I was so busy at work and having headaches. I'm having headaches for weeks now. So I will go to visit the doctor later this week to check out what's bugging me. But for now... here's finally todays comic and next time I hope to have it delivered in time. (and about the comic... no, I'm not going anywhere or anything. Mojo is holding an iPad... hope that helps)

5 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Sean, I think Mojo is sad that Steve Jobs died

  2. Feel better. Though getting wasted doesn’t help the headaches.

  3. Sad…but, nice color…it looks as though it was photocopied from a newspaper.

  4. The best Jobs tribute I’ve seen, Skar. Subtle and hearfelt. Good luck at the doctor, I hope all is well.

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