9 thoughts on “Finally

  1. I remember things got ugly right after that happened in the movie…RUN FELLAS!

  2. Yepz. Think they realised the same thing, starting from the 3rd panel up 😀

  3. Nothing good is gonna come of this. Unless you won a lottery.

    1. True that. Well… a deja vu isn’t bad, but experience one in the Matrix is not good indeed 😀

  4. I hope they don’t run into Agent Smith!

    1. Guess you’ll just have no choice than to come back Monday to find out 🙂

  5. Love the contrast between the second and fourth panels!

    1. That’s what the whole point of this joke was about – so glad you digg it ^^

  6. Hm. I don’t think their worry is legit. I mean they are visitors of the Matrix, not part of it, so changes to the Matrix wouldn’t cause them to be the déjà vu.

    Maybe they’ll realize it eventually and are able to calm down. I like how you can hear their pennies drop in the third frame. Eheh.

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