First Time

After a while having only published on Monday, I've decided to pick up the pen during the week again and give you guys Thursday updates again.

18 thoughts on “First Time

  1. He he. “A bad batch”

    1. Don’t know if it even exists, never smoked. But can imagine that for all the millions of packages created, there can be some bad ones 😉

  2. Love it. I remember when I thought I needed to smoke. No I wasn’t in High School trying to be cool, I was actually in my early twenties and thought “Why not.” Well I figured if I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it right. Give me the filterless product, yeah the Pall Mall baby. I think I kept that green face for the first week, just guttin’ my way through it. I could now hang out with the smokers at work, surely they have all the cool insight. Well, guess what…they don’t. So after a year of sucking on the tail pipe of life known as filterless Pall Mall cigarettes I decided it was time to quit. Well I was hooked. I’d get stressed and find myself buying another pack. The way I quit was I forced myself to buy Buck’s cigarettes. These things still sale for like $2.00 a pack because they are hand rolled in the dung of a deer then packed with dirt and some other form of raw sewage. Well, after smokin’ those bad boys for a month I quit and haven’t had a drag since…and that was 12+ years ago.

    1. Well, I never smoked. Yeah, maybe one when I was 9. Just one puff and then I totally banned it for life.
      But I can see what you are referring to. In High School I also never got the urge to be part of the smokers. But a few years ago (I’m now 31), I also thought… “wow, I never smoked. Maybe I should give it a try” – but never did it, luckily.
      But thanks for sharing your story, mate :

  3. I smoked for 20 years! Been smoke free about 5. Keep up the good work, the comic is looking good!

    1. Good for being smoke free for 5 years already, mate! And I’m glad you enjoy the comic.

  4. I hated beer initially….now.

    Glad to have you back. Got a present in the mail the other day. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Ah, glad it got delivered correctly. And it’s awesome to be back. Really missed the updates…

  5. yes, totally, 100% my sentiments when I was in HS, college and beyond.. surrounded by smokers.

    1. Not sure if it shows, but I’m not really a big fan of smoking. So I see what you mean, Dawn. It was kinda hard to let my guys smoke… but I needed to do that, so I could make some jokes about it and vent my frustrations 😛

  6. I always wondered the same thing.

    1. Hahaha. I guess only smokers know the answer… my guess: because they think it’s cool and makes them tough guys. Hope that some day this will be the opposite… if you smoke, you are not cool.

  7. There are indeed bad batches. Often with a chunk of stem in them or a bad mix of all the yummy chemicals added. Mostly, to a smoker, it’s just a flavor. Same as anything else, you get used to your own brand and everything else tastes funny.

    Ex-smoker of 19 years, quit a year-and-a-half ago. Patches, then cold turkey; one of the worst 6 months of my life. I won’t pick up another cigarette because I’m not going through that withdrawal again!

    I started because of curiosity, continued because I stubbornness (I was gonna smoke ONE cigarette without choking on it, dang-it!) and then I was hooked. $30,000+ would buy a nice car…

    1. Never smoked, but I understand the being-hooked part. Really having trouble to stay away from candy and chocolates 😛

      1. PLEASE keep it that way. If the most addictive thing you get ahold of is chocolate, I’ll be proud of you.

        Imagine going without your chocolate for a couple weeks. People that quit smoking hit that point about 2 days in. Over the next few months, sprinkle in insomnia, bloating, weight gain (nicotine causes the body to release fat), itchy extremities (as blood flow returns to normal), constipation (all KINDS of fun here!) and panic attacks.

        I thought I knew what panic attacks were. And then I had some. Once or twice a day for weeks, I literally thought I was having a heart attack. Even went to the ER once and got a full cardiac stress test (incline to raise your pulse, radioactive dye and MRI) when the results for a heart attack were negative.

        I still want a cigarette every once in a while. That will probably never quit. I’ll be stuck with that craving for the rest of my life.

        If you smoke, you’re a complete moron (includes me, yes).

        On the plus side, I now know that my heart is in excellent shape!

        1. Chocolate and sweets are still addictive and also very bad for you as a person.

          Honestly… it’s very hard for me to go without chocolate for a couple of days. Sometimes I can do it… but the moment I eat a piece… I fall back and eat lots of it for days again.

          Wow mate… sounds like you really had trouble getting out of the cigarette habbit. Great job on keeping it going, mate!

  8. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to dismiss your addiction to chocolate! (I tend to not consider them to be bad for you, but that’s another discussion entirely….)

    I have a habit of consuming a couple pounds of plain chocolate and then I won’t touch it all for a year or so. But I know a lot of people that do have trouble leaving it alone. That’s also why I haven’t touched a single cigarette since; I wouldn’t have just one…

    Try some lower grade chocolate? Maybe it would help without being so good you want tons more? That doesn’t work with cigarettes (tried, yeah) but maybe with chocolate?

    This is one of the few times I pat myself on the back! Yay, me!

    1. Really impressive that you can restrain yourself so good from falling back!

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