Fixing It

A minor change in todays comic. I removed the comic number from the title. The reason? Because it bugged me for a while already and I've now included the number in the comic (very small, in the 3rd panel) ... just for myself, so I know the order of my originals :D On another note: I'm looking for a good colorist. Someone who can help me color (full-color or greytones) my comic. I started to notice I'm having fun thinking, writing, drawing and inking my strip. But the coloring part isn't as much fun as I would want it to be. So if there is someone out there who wants to help me color my comic on a weekly basis... feel free to contact me: skar[AT]mojocomic[DOT]com

3 thoughts on “Fixing It

  1. Poor Ben. It’s a conspiracy! Love that first panel!

  2. I like your grey tones, you’ve got just the right amount of coloring. I use Paint Shop Pro (very reasonably priced at about $75CDN, I could not afford Photoshop). It has great tools like the color replacer to make the job quick and easy, and actually fun! Good luck.

  3. Thanks Mike. I have Photoshop on my MacBook of my work… because I use it for my day job.
    But I don’t use the color replacer or anything. Only grey tones and the brush and eraser.

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