Fly Glass

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - there really is a new Mojo comic. What should I say about it. After my hiatus last year, somehow it became easier to stop updating and after a few attempts to return, I just totally lost my motivation. Sometimes I came back, browsed through the archives and got all enthousiastic to draw Mojo again. So a while ago I tried, but failed. And tonight I persisted and finished this comic. I really want to draw more often, really have fun creating this comic again. And to be honest, I really (REALLY) miss creating Mojo and tell jokes. But I don't want to make you guys promises I might not be able to keep. So I'll do my best to create a Mojo as often as I'm able to. But sometimes I might not feel like it. And in 3-4 weeks our second child will be born, so then I won't have any spare time anymore for the first months... But ok. Good news is... I'm still alive. Mojo (and his friends) are still alive. And we'll be back (soon).

10 thoughts on “Fly Glass

  1. Woohoo!! A new Mojo! Looks great too. Mojo’s face in the 3rd panel is great, and I love that you torked the frame. It feels like he really hammered that glass down.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome . I had fun playing with the frame and such. And really pleased with the end result.

  2. Woohoooo! Congratulations, mojo is back 😉
    Looks better then ever. Keep up your style, your timeframes, your life, your rules, your comic 🙂

    PS: Less then a month left, exciting! Good luck with the last weeks. Greets from the US of A.

    1. Thanks mate. For the comic and the everlasting positivism.

  3. Uhm… Yeah Mojo and his friends are alive, thats a good thing… The fly… Not so.

    Had a laugh anyway!

    1. Hahaha. Thanks buddy. Appreciate your comment. And know if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t had finished it in the first place ^^

  4. I really missed these guys! Great new comic!

    1. I missed them as well, but was a little overthinking their return. Made it too big in my head and doubted for every idea if it was good enough. So I’m glad people dig this comic ^^

  5. i just discovered “mojo” a couple days ago. i started at #001 and binge-watched your entire series! your comic is awesome, and i really enjoyed watching the evolution of your style and process; both in the art itself, and through your comments revealing some of the behind-the-scenes in your thinking. great characters and writing. publish as a book!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your great comment. It means a lot to me that Mojo has a new fan. Glad you enjoy it this much and some day I hope I can motivate myself to make a collection ^^

      May I ask how/where you discovered Mojo? Always interested to know where people came from.

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