This comic took me longer than expected. I had the basic idea pretty quick and had it all sketched out and penciled. But wasn't really happy with the end result. So I started to change things and frames and dialogs. I sketched page after page after page. And eventually thought of a completely different joke. But after some thinking, I didn't like that direction. So I returned to the original idea and tweaked that until it was what you see here. I also decided to try the hand lettering again. Hope the message is coming over clear. I really love how hand lettering adds personality to a comic. I know I need to improve my lettering, but at least it's readable - not? And about the coloring. I always love black-and-white comics... if they are done well, it really adds so much more than just plain colors. So I thought I'd give it a shot. Hope you like it as much as I do.

6 thoughts on “Forbidden

  1. A tad PG-13 up in here!
    Someone tell Ben to go find a computer, please.

  2. hahaha i love itt!:) and why doesnt he just buy some magazines?

  3. Well, cat-porn or not, it’s STILL porn. Pass the remote. 😀

  4. @Dawn: that’s the problem. Their internet is broken, so that’s why Ben is searching for an alternative 🙂

    @Alyee: don’t know. Guess he first wants to look for it nearby, before heading outside 😛

    @George: uhm… iieeeuwl 🙂

  5. “cat-porn” yehh..

    …urks. John (from john&john) would like it.

  6. Missed a tasteless joke there. That’s kitty-porn.

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