Getting Noticed

6 thoughts on “Getting Noticed

  1. Beautiful and funny 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy this comic gets such good responses. It was a b*tch to make the joke work. Really have had some brain damage thinking about all the options and ways to tell it. Panel 1,2 en 4 were already set… but panel 3 was the key-frame… and that one really gave me some headaches 😀

  2. It always seems the time you are ready to get noticed is definitely not the time to be noticed, and yet when you don’t want to be noticed is when you’ll be noticed all the time.

    You did a great job on it, the joke was pulled off perfectly. The tip-toe sneak away at the end is perfect. Well done.

  3. OMG that’s hilarious! I love how you brought the plant’s pot to life and gave it that tip-toeing away look…GREAT stuff man!

    1. Thank you both for your appreciation. Really awesome to see people enjoying the comic this much. Especially because several alternatives had passed my mind… because I had trouble making this joke work.

      And it’s funny to see you guys love the plant tip-toeing away – because I for a moment had doubts if I should implement that… since it would kinda ‘break’ the realness of the plant/pot.
      But now I see it makes the plant more alive.

  4. Love this strip! I understand when you say about having trouble making the joke work. When it won’t flow it can be a real pain! Leaving it alone for awhile and coming back to it later seems to work for me. Reading it as it is, its hard to believe you had such a problem with it, but I know that a lot of effort went into every little portion of this strip to make this gag work.

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