Girl Time

After using Photoshop for years, recently I rediscovered Manga Studio again. Tried it a few years ago, but couldn't get used to the interface being different than Photoshop. I did loved the linework though. But recently some fellow cartoonists switched to Manga Studio and that triggered my curiosity. So I decided I would give it a decent try. So the last couple of comics I drew in Manga Studio. The previous comic I still drew the borders and text in Photoshop, but for this comic I only colored in Photoshop. I do love the lines, I love all the brushes Manga Studio has, but their support for text is still sh*t. So now I sketch and ink in Manga Studio, switch to Photoshop to do the texts, switch back to Manga Studio to hand-letter the texts and switch back to Photoshop to finally color the whole piece. It's probably something I'll have to get used to. I also wasn't a huge fan about how this comic turned out. It's a weird mixture in my head with "yes, I like how it looks" and "damn, I still can't draw humans for shit". There is still a huge learning I'll have to do, before I'm able to draw humans in an easy and solid way. *sigh*

5 thoughts on “Girl Time

  1. Dude, its your style! It IS the shit!

  2. Which version of Manga Studio are you using? I haven’t seen any particular problems with doing text. I’m using the same font I had under gimp.

    At least you don’t have the quirks I’m working around trying to use MS under wine on linux.

  3. He is a creep professionally!

  4. Hahaha! Funny and awkward were it real life. This is something I would see on Impractical Jokes show. I enjoy watching that show!

  5. I think you’re being a bit tough on yourself. I like the look of this strip.

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